PhotoSpring (16GB) 10in WiFi Digital Photo Frame + Album for Videos & Pictures, Touch Screen, Battery, iPhone & Android App, HD Screen, White - 15,000 photo capacity  - $149.00 US Listing ID: 13724

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PhotoSpring is the best solution to Gather, Manage, and Display your Digital Photos and VideosPhotoSpring is a digital photo frame designed from the ground up for the digital age. It utilizes the most current Smartphone and Cloud technology to help you gather, manage, and display all your digital photos.PhotoSpring has a 10? high resolution IPS screen that will display your photos beautifully from any viewing angle. The touchscreen controls make it easy to swipe through different photos and videos in the slideshow as well as to scroll through the playlist thumbnails when browsing the entire collection. With the internal rechargeable battery, it?s easy to pick-up PhotoSpring out of the charging stand to enjoy your photos anywhere you choose.Gather your photos effortlessly ? Smartphone, Computer, WebPhotoSpring is designed to help you gather photos from all your various photo sources as easily as possible. Smartphone Apps for iPhone and Android can be used to have all your Smartphone photos automatically transferred to PhotoSpring as you take them. Or, you can select which photos to send at your convenience. Computer applications are available for both Windows and Mac that will transfer the photos stored on your computer to PhotoSpring. And, PhotoSpring has web uploader that can be used with any web browser to send photos to PhotoSpring.Share photos with easeSharing is a key feature for the PhotoSpring design. Using any of the photo transfer tools available, family and friends can easily share photos to a Wi-Fi connected PhotoSpring frame. The recipient will be able to see the photos automatically display on their PhotoSpring without doing anything. They don?t need to open any app, check email, or login to anything.Browse your photos like an albumThe touchscreen and battery on PhotoSpring lets you interact with your photos more than any other digital photo frame can. If you see a touching photo from the slideshow that brings back fond memories, simply, pickup PhotoSpring, tap the screen and you will be able to browse through and see all the photos from that event. Similarly, if you are looking for specific photos, it?s just as easy to search and browse through your entire collection using the [ Given URL is not allowed]anize your photosOnce your photos are on your PhotoSpring, the Playlist feature allows you to filter and sort your photos in a multitude of ways. You can filter your photos by date or by geography if you have the locations tagged in your photos.Take your photos with youPhotoSpring has ample internal memory to store all your photos on the device. The convenience of this is that you will be able to see all your photos all the time. You can have them play in a slideshow or you can browse through your collection anywhere, even without a Wi-Fi connection. This is especially helpful when bringing PhotoSpring with you to meet family or friends for coffee or lunch.Enjoy little surprises all day, every dayIn its charging stand, PhotoSpring is designed to let you see your photos every day and throughout the day. It?s a great way to help you get through your day by seeing photos of long forgotten memories that will definitely make you stop and smile. 10.1" IPS display (1280x800) WiFi connectivity Touchscreen User Interface 16GB Memory stores 15,000 photos iPhone, Android uploader Apps Windows, Mac uploader program Play slideshow with Photo & Video Browse playlist thumbnails Charging stand and up to 4 hours battery life

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